Monday, 23 November 2015

The Crisis of Democracy based on Religion Conflict

As we know, democracy in Indonesia already exist for a long time ago. Democracy its mean that all the citizen have a right to speak and give an opinion to the government. In Indonesia it self, the practice of democracy have not running well or maybe lack. The difference of ethnic, religion,  and the minority groups is a human right problem. Religion is too sensitive to debating. Example, Shia in Indonesia. Shia in Indonesia is a minority group that have a related with religion context. Shia is one of mazhab in Islam. The different of the mazhab can be a big obstacle.  As a minority, Shia get a conflict with the other mazhab. The pressure of this mazhab has a very huge allure for the society. Government has a take control this problem because in the some region it became a complication. The government should be explicited to perceive this issue. Sometimes the democracy make into a question. What is democracy has been going well and how there was a conflict that relates to democracy incompatible? The issue of Shia in Indonesia exhibited the crisis of democracy. This paper will explain more the topic of Shia minority faced in Indonesia. Then how Indonesia observe this problem.

Keyword: Democracy, Human Right, Shia.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

US Foreign Policy on Islamic States And The Road Ahead

History of US policy drive

US is a lonely superpower (Huntington 1999), at least for now. From a mere settlement of european immigrants, US had endured wave after wave of hardship to become a single biggest influential nation on earth. Having to command a huge socio-cultural, economic, political, and military advantage over most of, if not all, country in the world, it is very interesting for us to see what US has to offer in the field of foreign affair policy. Not only that it will give us the current insight about US mission throughout the world, but also enables us to see what does the future holds if Uncle Sam is in the steering wheel.

If we strip all of the formal words out of a country's foreign affair policy document, it is easy to point out that economy still serve as the basic interest of every country. This is totally understandable since we are now living in a peaceful world when the clash of ideology has become rare (Thank you democracy, and also the freedom of speech). Same goes for United States, in which economic motive is still the heart and blood of US foreign affair policy. But if we try to dig a little bit deeper, shaking off all the capitalist's point of view, lining up patterns and trends, we'll bound to find that religion and belief in God are also hitchhiking along American agenda.

Actually, religious concepts behind US foreign policy is not a new thing if we follow the history of America. This concept actually came from Protestant millenial themes that dated back to seventeenth-century England (Judis, 2005). Many US presidents including Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Roosevelt, had ever used religious notions such as United States being "the last best hope of earth", American people having the "divine heritage", and United States that woud lead in the "redemption of the world".

Savagery and native tiranny had been the oldest adversaries of colonial America. Imperialism, autocracy, and communism of all kind were the more recent threat to United States' stance on democracy. When all of those thing knelt to the promise of free world, United States continued to search for the next "God's calling". By a tragedy of 9/11, coupled with George W. Bush, US' penchant for sacred deeds dragged terrorism and, most importantly, a religion into a battle between good and evil. That religion, is (radical) Islam.

US Foreign Policy on Islamic State

Before 9/11 tragedy United States' foreign affair policy pretty much dealing with the preservation of peace and fending off "evil" countries (from allied nation). For example, Saddam Hussein was never reknowned as islamic or moslem dictator by US. He was simply  called as "mad man" These all changed after islamic radical movement was declared as the main culprit of Twin-Tower destruction. Islam notoriety for violence rised and, for a brief of time, become synonymous with terrorism.

Since then, US view towards Islamic society has been in a rather hostile manner. Even though Bush administration only targeted terrorism and radical Islam ideology, Islamic society at large was the one that paid the toll. It's because Bush had created stereotypes not a tangible entity that can be separated easily from the rest. Foreign affair policy wise, Bush seems to force Islamic countries in a dichotomy between "those who were with us" and "those who were against" in regards with US point of view on terrorism (and radical Islam).

Iran and Afghanistan are two example of how stern US’ foreign affair policy, under Bush, against nations that weighing in the wrong end of the scale. Iran is put on an embargo due to alleged nuclear weapon ownership, which was regarded as a threat of world peace. While Afghanistan was raid to the brim because of its close affiliation with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, poster children of terrorism. In contrast, US is forever kind to islamic countries which shares similar view on terrorism and radical islam, such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq (post Saddam Husein), Kuwait, Qatar, etc.
Fast forward to the present day, even though that the tension between US and islamic society had been much reduced years after 9/11 tragedy, plus the much vaunted Osama Bin Laden assasination, we can see that the remnants of Bush policy towards islamic states still extend to Obama administration (Blanchard; Humud; Katzman; Weed, 2015)This is because the war that US brought to moslem radicalist had created more sympathy among moslem society, so much that it encourage many moslem fundamentalists to becoming new religious terrorists.
After the fall of Al Qaeda, the world witnesses a new movement called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. This might be the byproduct of a bad policy making that could be well beyond US’ hands to quell. Recognizing that repressive, open war, would not be desirable, America now relieve its hard and fast policy against islamic radicalism. Instead of going all out like it did on Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, US took a role of administrator in prolonging battle against new islamic radicalism. Obama’s policy is also a departure from rigid “supporting” or “non supporting” country that Bush started, to a more flexible, case by case approach. How long this fluke of islamic radicalism will continue is remained to be seen, but now it had already become a staple aspects in US foreign affair policy making going forward.
What it gives for Indonesia?
Indonesia has its own share and sheer number of moslem Citizen, but Indonesia is hardly considered an islamic state. It is apparent because Indonesian government and law system was not taken from islamic system. Islamic radicalism that falls into terrorism category by US standard is also quite scarce in Indonesia. Moreover, in the recent development, which drove Indonesia further into democracy, further cemented belief that Indonesia is actually more of an ally to US rather than not.
US foreign affair policy towards islamic states may not have a direct impact to Indonesia as it is a more democratic country than an islamic one. But this doesn't mean that US policy will have no effect at all.  In longer term, US foreign affair policy towards Islamic state will surely change what Indonesian moslem individuals thought about US, rather than changing Indonesian government perspective.
However, Indonesian government should still be cautious about US foreign affair policy towards islamic states, as well as the up and down of islamic radicalism in Indonesia. If in any chance US is ramping up their effort against islamic radicalism, while Indonesian government neglecting to monitor and control it, our country might be the next home soil, that is fertile for new islamic extremists reaping.
Religious influence on US foreign affair policy has been strong since the beginning of the nation. After 9/11, US foreign affair policy deliberately focused radical islam as its target for elimination. Unfortunately, that hostile manner in fact create new islam extremists and proliferate islamic radicalism. Most recent example is ISIS. Indonesian government need to take precaution in order to anticipate the growth of islamic radicalism, because it has vast and strong basis of moslem citizen.

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Awal Perjalanan dan Awal Persahabatan

Hay blog ku yang tak terurus :D

Jarang bahkan males banget buat cuap-cuap  lewat tulisan karna gue lebih suka ngebawel lewat omongan bawel gue . I wanna tell you something about my journey in Bandung. Gue di Bandung seminggu dari tanggal 18 – 24 Agustus 2014. It’s something special because for the first time I went alone without partner but I have many friends at there. I was holiday for one week with my bestfriends. 2 nights I slept in Ayu’s House. Ayu is one of my bestfriend in Junior High School, she was college in Pasundan University. We were going to de Ranch. If you want to know, what is de Ranch you can googling :p we only pay 8k and can get welcome drink, the welcome drink is milk, yeay milk I like it! Oia, btw I came to de Ranch with Ayu, Ridwan (Ayu’s Boyfriend), Om Obi (Beloved Friend) and Tri (Om Obi’s Friend).  At there we can riding a horse, playing flying fox etc. But we only walking-walking, ga lupa juga foto-foto pastinya :D After that, we had lunch and the menu is Ramen.

Abis ngeramen gue nd Om Obi nyari hotel buat gue nginep. Karna gue ga enak terlalu lama numpang di rumah orang wkwk *lebih tepatnya ga bebas karna ada keluarganya*~ gue nd om Obi jalan-jalan Bandung sambil gue ngesearching hotel gitu dan pilihan gue jatuh ke Bukit Dago Hotel. Ya lumayan lah semalem 175k. Sengaja milih di Dago karna besoknya gue ngidam banget pengen ke Tebing keraton. Malemnya gue disamperin ama Kak Yahya, dia itu temennya om Obi di Hockey. Perlukah gue ceritain om Obi ke kalian? :p Singkat aja ya HAHA. Namanya si Zidni Nurobbi Agam tapi gue manggil dia om Obi karna dia manggil gue tante. Dia temen kecil gue di Tangerang yang ketemu di situs chatting, if you know ya itu gue ketemu disana. Dia atlit Hockey kota Bandung yang lagi berjuang dengan Skrispsinya. Dia kuliah di ITENAS jurusan Teknologi Informasi. Kalo ada yang mau kenalan boleh contact gue kok :p Gue sama kak Yahya satu tipe, suka jalan-jalan dan doi demen banget naik gunung.

Besoknya gue, om Obi nd kak Yahya berangkat ke Tebing Keraton. Niatnya si mau dapet sunrise tapi kabut tebel banget dan ujung-ujungnya berangkat siang wkwk. Gila, jalannanya tuh rusak-rusak gitu. Kak Yahya sampe nyesel, tau gitu dia bawa motor balapnya *atlit balap juga loh kak Yahya, jomblo pula* sampe disana bayar uang parkir 5k, mahal banget buat ukuran gue, masuknya aja bayar lagi 11k -_- ternyata dari parkiran harus jalan dikit, dan jreng jreng jreng!!!! OH INI TOH TEBING KERATON. GINI DOANG? *sedikit nyesel si dengan biaya masuk yang lumayan mahal* Yaudah nikmatin aja perjalananmu Yunsss~ Dan langsung lah kita berpetualang di pinggir-pinggir tebing buat nyari spot yang bagus buat foto-foto pastinya! Kak Yahya juga ga lupa buat ngeluarin tongfang *eh maksudnya tongsisnya. Foto-foto selesai, pulang ke hotel, check out dan langsung pindah tempat numpang tidur wkwk malam selanjutnya gue numpang di kontrakan kak Yahya.

Keren kan guenya?
Btw ini foto fav gue pas disana!!
Asli seru abis di kontrakan doi, banyak temen-temennya, ada yang kece pula *tetep Yuni matanya ga merem* selama disana gue jalan-jalan ga jelas aja, keliling kota Bandung, numpang nongkrong di angkringan belakang ITB, hari terakhirnya ke Taman Hutan Raya Ir. Juanda Dago Pakar. Gue si udah pernah ke Goa Belanda nd Goa Jepangnya, tapi kak Yahya nd temen-temennya ngajakin ke air terjun. Perjalanan ke air terjun ternyata hampir 5km men! But, we are enjoy with the journey~ di sela-sela istirahat juga kita foto-foto juga kok *always take a pict* pas sampe itu rasanya wow banget karna abis jalan sejauh itu. Istirahat sebentar, foto-foto dan lalu pulaaang!!

Sedikit kecewa karna ternyata air terjunnya ga bisa buat main air :(
Yaudah, daripada bete lebih baik berfoto ria~
Ini kak Adi, temen kampusnya kak Yahya :D
Kalo di Tebing Keraton gue punya foto favorit, di TaHuRa juga ada doong :P

Besoknya gue pulang ke Jogja gue naik Bis Budiman, rencananya mau berangkat pagi biar sampe Jogja tuh malem biar ada yang jemput juga si wkwk eh ternyata bisnya ga dateng dan terpaksa berangkat sore dan sampe Jogja subuh :’) bis bayar 95k dan ojek dari Ps. Gamping ke kost gue 20k. Oia ada kejadian lucu pas nunggu bis jalan di terminal Cicaheum!!! Bikin ngakak dan ngenes  banget. Gue, om Obi nd kak Yahya ngeliat perpisahan pasangan LDR yang lesbi! Asli ceweknya itu cantik banget yang  jadi femme sayangnya yang jadi buchinya ga ganteng wkwk si ceweknya itu nangis kek orang ga rela ditinggal gitu terus si buchinya ngelap air matanya looh. Entah itu sweet atau menjijikan. Ternyata kak Yahya dan om Obi tertarik sama tu cewek sampe disamperin nd mau ngasih tissue tapi terlambat karna tu cewek udah pergi. Saking niatnya dan ngebet pengen kenalan, mereka sampe nyuruh gue buat deketin tu buchi buat minta pin bbmnya :D asli mereka gila banget!!

Sekian cuap-cuap saya. Saya kasih oleh-oleh dikit lah, foto-foto selama di Bandung~

With om Obi! Thanks udah nemenin selama di Bandung!

Efek kamera depan jadinya aneh :D Thank you all~

Do love you guys :)

Bye, arigato gozaimasu!


Sudah lama aku merasakan hal ini
Bahkan aku sudah merasakan berulang kali dengan orang yang berbeda
Luka tersebut sama
Tak ada yang berbeda
Berbeda jika kadang perasaannya pun berbedaan
Aku lelah menjadi diriku sendiri
Aku ingin menjadi mereka
Mereka yang sudah berulang kali menyakiti hati ini
Aku lelah menjadi korban
Bolehkah aku menjadi tersangka?
Tersangka untuk mereka yang telah merenggut kebahagiaanku dikit demi sedikit
Aku ingin mereka merasakan hal yang pernah aku rasakan
Aku hanya manusia biasa yang mempunyai rasa dendam
Terutama dengan orang yang telah menjatuhkanku
Aku ingin melihat mereka jatuh dan terluka
Terlihat jahatkah diriku?
Ya, memang aku jahat
Peduli apa kalian tentangku?
Yang kalian inginkan hanyalah darah
Darah kesakitan dari hati ini

Friday, 21 November 2014

Semua masalah waktu dan orang baru.

"Terkadang meninggalkan ada saatnya sesorang itu akan dinggalkan. Semua akan ada masa dan waktunya. Dan semua akan berulang hingga entah sampai kapan. Semua bisa karna sikap bahkan orang baru."

Dulu bisa di bilang gue menyia-nyiakan orang yang sayang sama gue demi orang baru yang cuma gue suka. Putus sama dia bukan sepenuhnya karna ada orang baru, tapi karna sikap dan sifat dia yang ga bisa di ubah. Pacaran dengan orang yang gue sayang sampe putus nyambung selama 6 bulan hingga akhirnya dia benar-benar sayang sama gue disaat rasa sayang gue udah menipis karna masalah orang baru. Ya, gue menemukan orang baru sebelum gue putus. Gue sama yang sekarang ga LDR tapi kenapa hati gue beda. Entah karna kita baru atau karna emang sesungguhnya kita saling ga sayang tapi karna gue ngerasa takut buat mengungkapkannya. Gue suka mikir, mantan gue yang sampe sekarang masih ada rasa sama gue, dan gue pun masih ada rasa ama doi walaupun beberapa persen aja~ God, gue suka bingung sama diri gue sendiri :(

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ta’aruf-an yuuk *kenalan ceritanya*

Hai hai hai mau rusuh dikit~~~
Sebenernya punya blog udah lama tapi ga pernah diisi karna bingung mau diisi apa HAHAHA :D Oke tak kenal maka tak sayang, kenalin gue Yuni Indriyanti, temen-temen gue si jarang yang manggil make nama Yuni *yang manggil Yuni itu biasanya orang-orang yang belum terlalu kenal gue*, gue si biasa di panggil emak, nenek, makyun, yanti dan nama-naman yang tidak berperikemanusiaan, but gue happy-happy aja kok di panggil apapun, apalagi dipanggil sayang :3 *lupakan*.
Gue kuliah di Jogjaaaa, kota impian gue dari zaman SMP *korban studytour ke Jogja* dan kuliah di Jogja buat gue perjuangannya besar karna awalnya nyokap ga setuju gue kuliah jauh nyuruhnya si di UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta dan gue menolak karna pasti gue bakal jadi anak yang sangat islami :D btw gue kuliah di kampus muda, mendunia, unggul dan islami. Yaps, itu slogan kampus gue tercinta, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta yang letaknya dipinggir Jogja dan seharusnya namanya bukan UMY tapi UMB, Universitas Muhammdiyah Bantul #AkuRapopo. Sekarang gue duduk di tahun kedua yaitu semester 3, yeaayy aku udah agak tua :’) sudah punya junior dan akan menjadi contoh mereka, aku harus manis nantinya kalo mereka sudah memulai perkuliahan, but itu imposibble things banget for me, secara gue anaknya petakilan dan kelakuannya kek cowok tapi aku menikmatinya kok.
Dengan slogan hidup gue DO WHAT I LOVE AND LOVE WHAT I DO gue bakal nikmatin hidup ini gak boleh ada beban, harus happy, walaupun prakteknya gue belum bisa 100% bisa tapi gue bakal mencoba kok! Oia, maksudnya slogan hidup gue itu bukan selalu negatif looh, terserah kalian juga si mau anggap itu negatif, toh gue ga ngerugiin kalian kan :p Gue pengen banget bisa keliling Indonesia, naik gunung yang ada di Indonesia pokoknya jadi traveller gitu deh! It’ll be enjoy banget keknya, apalagi bareng pasangan bahkan suami, ya Allah mau pake banget deh!!
Di tumblr gue ini, gue bakal meminimalisir posting masalah percintaan gue, karna sebagian khalayak tau, cerita gue complicated pake banget lah HAHA :D tapi sedikit bakalan curhat deh kalo gue ga punya ide apapun buat posting, gapapa kan? :p
Anyway, udah dulu ahhhh gue nulis ini pas lagi badmood dan gue berhenti karna udah goodmood. Kalo mau kenalan lebih jauh sama gue boleh kok di follow, tapi kalo mau ngelamar gue langsung ke rumah gue aja ya, ketemu emak sama babeh gue, mereka ga galak kok bahkan ga ada tulisan emak dan babeh Yuni galak huwehehe.
Muach :* *ketjup bazaah dari tjauuh*~~~